Behringer UM2 vs UMC22: One IS Better

Behringer U Phoria UM2 VS U Phoria UMC22 1

An audio interface is a device that processes raw audio signals and turns them into information that your computer can interpret. Interfaces come in many shapes and sizes, from dedicated sound cards to separate units that you connect to your computer externally. Today, we’re going to be comparing two outwardly similar audio interfaces from Behringer. …

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Behringer X18 vs XR18: Hands-On Comparison [2020]

Behringer X18 vs XR18 1

Digital mixing technology has advanced considerably in the past decade, and they have gradually become more integrated with smart devices, sometimes precluding the need for a laptop entirely. The two products that we’ll be covering in today’s guide are an example of this, as they are both designed to connect to tablets. We’ll be looking …

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