Alienstock Music Festival: A Short History

Alienstock music festival

Welcome to the first post in our series on interesting music festivals around the world. This post will focus on the notorious Alienstock music festival:

More specifically, we will take a look at: 

  • How Alienstock was supposed to be
  • What it started from
  • How the festival ended up being in the end
  • … and whether the Alienstock music festival will ever happen again

Ready? Let’s get started…

What Is The Alienstock Festival?

Alienstock was an alien-themed music festival that was originally supposed to be held in the small town of Raleigh around Area 51. Before the festival could take place, though, it fractured into multiple different smaller events because of an argument between the organizers. 

According to the festival’s organizer, their partners failed to provide sufficient guarantees of the town’s readiness to host the festival – everything including safety, food, and accommodation for more than 10,000 people – the original founders of the festival decided to move it to downtown Las Vegas instead. 

The fragmented Alienstock events happened in both Raleigh, Las Vegas, and other smaller parties in other locations. 

Side note: The Alienstock name is a reference to Woodstock – one of the most famous music festivals in the U.S. and the world.

How Did Alienstock Start?

The start of the Alienstock music festival is probably the most interesting part of the whole saga. 

The festival started out as a viral Facebook post/event “Storm Area 51” that had 2 million people registered as “going” and 1.5 million people as “interested”. On the day of the event, way fewer people showed up for the actual storming of the military base. None of the stormers managed to get inside the base. 

More people came to the Alienstock music festival that was happening at the same time as the “Storm Area 51” event. Hence, the festival grew out of the viral Facebook event that was due to happen in 2019. 

What Happened To Alienstock? Is there Alienstock 2021, 2022?

After the initial round of smaller festivals, there were some lawsuits between the organizers and everything slowly died down with Alienstock. At the moment of writing this, there are no serious Alienstock events scheduled to happen in the near future. There is no Alienstock planned for 2021 and 2022.

Is Alienstock Officially Over? 

Yes, you could say that the Alienstock festival is over and is unlikely to happen again the way it did in 2019. The hype has died down, and most of the visitors have moved on to the next big thing. Unfortunately, that’s just how it works with music festivals.