Audio Mastering Service

Audio Mastering Service

This audio mastering service is a special offer for the Talkin Music blog readers. This is a chance for you to get Top Quality CD Mastering that is done in a professional studio with both analog and digital equipment.

Your song will be engineered in an acoustically treated room. I teamed up with 2 local audio engineers and they are willing to help me, help you.

What We Do…

2 mastering engineers and me (mixing engineer) will be in the studio to take your final mixdown and apply professional mastering techniques to give you a master with clarity, warm low-end punch, stereo depth and detail.

We can master and restore any genre of music.

What if I Don’t Like The Master?

“With a valid reason we will refund 100% of your money if ever you’re not happy with the master, no questions asked!” Just make sure you don’t send us a turd and we can all avoid any trouble.

If you give us a good audio recording to work on then we’ll definitely send you back an awesome master. If you need mixing tutorials then you can find plenty of those by browsing this blog.

Help Us, Help You!

Help us understand your end goal for the mastering, that will make our job a lot easier. Check out the audio samples below to get an understanding of what mastering is all about.

Preparing A Song For Mastering

Once you’re happy with the mixing then export the song as WAV 24bit or higher and the resolution should be the same as the one used on the project or when recording. In most DAWs the default is 44.1kHz.

Leave some space at the beginning and end of the song so that we can create fades and deal with plugin bleed. Send the song with the loudest peak at -6dB (headroom) and lastly, make sure there’s no processing on the stereo buss (master channel). Sending us different mixes is also welcome and remove any dithering.

The Results…

We’ll do some tonal and surgical EQ as well as compression, de-essing, stereo imaging, fades, mid/side processing, limiter etc… The end results will be a clear, clean, punchy, warm and industry standard loud master with dynamics.

Why Us?

We’re quite aware that there’s a lot of places where people can get their songs mastered. But that’s if you’re willing to pay $75 per track for real mastering or pay for cheap master that will get you disappointed when you play your song in a club or in a car for your friends.

Our service is not cheap, neither expensive but we assure your song will be able to compete with the best. Your song will be Carefully Processed with Analog & Digital Equipment by a team of 2 mastering engineers and 1 mixing engineer in the same studio.

Listen to the audio examples below to get a feel of our work and what your record will sound like…

Audio Example 1 – Before

Audio Example 1 – After

Audio Example 2- Before

Audio Example 2 – After

Audio Example 3 – Before

Audio Example 3 – After

Audio Example 4 – Before

Audio Example 4 – After

All the clients were happy with the results above. Try us today, you’re protected by a risk free money back guarantee in case you’re not happy with the master. Note that refunds have to be claimed in less than 24 hours after you receive the files and take 20 days to process.

Use the Paypal drop down menu below to choose a package and you’ll get your song, EP, mixtape or album mastered in a professional studio with top audio engineers. We’ll submit your final project in 2 to 5 days maximum and credit card is also accepted.

Mastering Services Packages

Here are the prices just in case the drop down menu is confusing…

1 Song: $50
2 Songs: $90
EP Package (3-5 songs): $120
Full Length Album (12 Songs): $420


  1. I have five EPIC like pieces to master. But I’m not sure about the quality of the mix/arrangement. Would you be willing to have a llisten to my mixes first ? I suppose you wouldn’t want to master mixes that are not well enough mixed ? And also for me that wouldn’t make sens. I always receive very positive critics on my compositions but the final sound is never good enough. For 4 out of 5 of these pieces I’m thinking in the style of Audiomachine or 2Wei (trailer music) while the 5th is more emotional and shouldn’t be so loud). Would that be possible for you ?

    Many thanks in advance for your reply,


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