Are You Struggling To Get Your Music Bright, Crispy & Punchy?

"REVEALED: Discover The Simplest Way To Get Crisp, Bright & Punchy Mixes In 5 Easy To Follow Steps

Even If You Don’t Have Much Knowledge About Mixing Music, Compressors, Equalizers Or Stereo Image Balancing."

Dear Fellow Music Producer or Engineer,

On this page I’m going to show you proof of how you can benefit from leveraging a simple guide I’ve been using to Get bright & Punchy Mixes In 5 Easy Steps.

Changing times have made it possible for a brand spanking new guide so simple that literally anyone could use to get professional sounding mixes that are commercial ready, even if you’ve been having a hard time trying to get loud and punchy mixes like your favorite music producers.

Even someone completely new to this can have incredible results.

Because with this guide you don’t need to be an established music producer or audio engineer. This new guide is so effective that you could Get Crisp & Punchy Mixes in just a few weeks and all you need to do is follow a few easy steps.


I Also Struggled To Make Good Sounding Mixes

Listen to this crazy story…

I remember the 1st year I went to music production school, happy that I know how to mix. I sent my 1st complete song to a professional mastering engineer and when he heard the song he told me he’ll never master it because it’s not properly mixed.

But he was a very cool dude, because he said “at least you tried some don’t even know what mixing is…” and he gave me a few links to music production blogs and some mixing music video tutorials. I was even ashamed to tell him I just completed my 1st year at a music production school.

I’ve struggled with the exact same frustration you are now facing.

Years ago in my life, I was looking high and low for a way to make my music sound as good as my favorite songs. I’d been working tirelessly and doing my best, but things simply weren’t working out.

I needed the pro sound desperately. It annoyed me that my situation wasn’t improving and things seemed to be deteriorating before my eyes.

Do You Share Any Of These Frustrations?

  • You don’t have much knowledge about mixing music, compressors, equalizers or stereo image balancing.
  • You’ve worked extremely hard to produce a song, but ineffective options cause you to miss out on results.
  • Trying to get loud and punchy mixes like your favorite music producer just seems impossible.
  • So called experts have shared some info that they claim is the right way but doesn’t produce good results for your sound.
  • You’re tired of seeing risky strategies that could lead to failure.
  • You’re sick of being offered difficult strategies that require you to be a rocket scientist.

I feel your pain – I experienced all of these.

Here’s the part you need to know – if you don’t get these issues solved and work hard on getting your music to sound better, the pain grows exponentially.

I Discovered A Secret Solution…

Everything had been trial, error, trial, error.. with no RESULT for a couple of years. I was on the verge of giving up on my dreams.

I luckily managed to stumble upon a working guide.

Once I discovered the right strategy, I simply did a quick action and within 30 Days I was well on my way to Get Crisp, Bright & Punchy Mixes that are ready for mastering.

My success was shocking. I could now easily get pro sounding mixes like some of my favorite producers, which had been one of the most difficult things for me. I was filled with joy.

This stunningly powerful guide is so wickedly effective that you’ll be able to easily understand what mixing music is all about, in plain simple English with nothing hard for you to swallow.

As soon as I noticed that this is something you can replicate, I began to show others how to get the same results.

Those who listened and used this guide have realized how easily one can Get Crisp, Loud & Punchy Mixes In 5 Simple To Follow Steps with the Digital Mixing Ultimate Guide.

Even people who had difficulty because they don’t have much knowledge about mixing music, compressors, equalizers or stereo image balance are enjoying wild success.

If you’re one of my blog followers then you know people are saying positive things about the free tutorials I share, especially on Facebook.

Listen To What People Are Saying...

"Really interesting book to get you started on the fundamental basics of mixing. I have been Mixing for a couple of years and I myself have learnt a thing or two to make my mixes sound better. If you want your songs to sound better and don't know how this would be a perfect start."

Citynoiz Entertainment

I just finished your „Ultimate Digital Mixing Guide“. I learned a lot of new tipps and tricks.

Thank you very.

Niels van Veen

Introducing Digital Mixing Ultimate Guide

Here’s your ticket to effortlessly get pro sounding, PHAT and punchy mixes like your favorite music producers:

  • Introduction To Mixing – meaning you can easily understand what mixing music is all about, in plain simple English.
  • Understanding Sound – NOT the science behind sound but basic info to help you understand what role certain frequencies play in music.
  • Equalizing & Dynamic Processing Masterclass – Learn why, when and how to use an equalizer or compressor when mixing music. Including some tips about sidechain, multi-band and parallel processing.
  • Getting A Well Balanced Stereo Image – You’ll also get great strategies that will teach you how to use effects such as reverb, delay and chorus to balance the stereo image of your mix and learn how to use panning, L/R & M/S techniques to fix any stereo image issues.

And a whole lot more…

You can do this. You don’t need any special tools or additional expensive equipment. There is practically no learning curve, so you don’t need any prior knowledge. No longer do you have to struggle to get professional and mastering ready mixes that are radio friendly.

Are You Wondering About Cost?

By now you’re probably thinking: Will this cost too much?

That’s fair enough, considering the high price that alternatives have thrown at you.

Of course, you could try these other doomed solutions:

1) You could pay someone an astronomical fee to do it for you

  • You have to risk your money, not knowing if the person will deliver results
  • You have to patiently twiddle your thumbs while they ‘get around to doing your job’
  • Worst is the cost. Your bank account suffers to the tune of $500 upward for an album!

2) You could pay through the nose for a coach just to receive information

  • You take on huge financial risk not knowing if the person is guaranteed to get you great results.
  • You don’t actually need advice – you need the outcome!

3) You could do it all yourself…

  • Well we all know the painful experience of trying this yourself!
  • It takes months to years and a whole lot of effort
  • Sure it’s ‘free’, but what if you placed a dollar value on your time? How much is a month worth to you?

Of course, given those options, you’d expect an easy solution to be expensive. These methods ask tremendously expensive fees in order to get a Top Quality sound.

But you can relax, because now there is no need to pay these jacked up prices.


I Have A Special Bonus For You

If you buy Digital Mixing Ultimate Guide today, you are receiving as a Bonus, 2 Free eBooks Packed With Music Production Tips. This bonus makes it even easier and faster to Get Professional Sounding Mixes.

fade-leftfade-rightBonus #1

As a special bonus you’ll get access to 2 extra ebooks written by Björgvin Benediktsson from Tucson, Arizona. He’s a musician, audio engineer and writer. He’s also an SAE Institute audio engineering graduate.

Here’s what you’ll get inside Björgvin’s ebooks:

  • The 4 P’s of Music Production and Engineering
  • The 19 Most Overused Music Production Clichés
  • The 10 Audio Production Lies You’re Probably Telling Yourself
  • 5 Reverb Mistakes That Make You Look Like an Idiot
  • 5 Reasons to Skip the Reverb
  • and a whole lot more…

fade-leftfade-rightBonus #2 – 1.5Gb+ Sample Library

As you know, mixing is all about using Top Quality sounds. If you’re using low quality samples then it will be a challenge for you to get those crisp, bright and punchy mixes. So to make your job a bit easier I’m giving you 1.5Gb+ of samples from my sample library as a bonus.

These samples will work in most genres such as Jazz, Funk, Hip-Hop, House, Broken Beat, Neo-Soul and Lounge just to name a few. You can use the sounds however you want with no limits.  Don’t even worry about the quality, I got you covered on that and most samples are 24-bit.

fade-leftfade-rightSpecial Bonus – Free Mastering

As many of you may know, I usually charge $22 per song for mastering. But if you order the mixing guide today, I'll do professional mastering on one of your songs. Everything is done in a professional studio with digital and analog gear.

Amazing Low Price Offer

Even though others ask for high prices, Digital Mixing Ultimate Guide helps you Get Crisp, Phat, Bright & Punchy Mixes In 5 Simple To Follow Steps, at a price so good you’ll smile so hard your cheeks hurt.

You’re getting Digital Mixing Ultimate Guide, but if you order today you’re also getting:

  • Music Production Made Simple – Your A to Z Guide to the Production Process
  • How Reverb Makes Everything Fall Into Place – Dealing With Depth and Space in Your Mixes
  • Including 1.5Gb+ Sample Library
  • Free Mastering – Get your song mastered in a professional studio by pro engineers.

As a special offer Your investment is not going to be the normal price of $67. You’ll get everything for a minimal investment of $39.95 if you act today.

Yes, for only $39.95 you can get my music mixing guide, Björgvin’s ebooks, Free Mastering plus 1.5Gb+ Sample Library to help you get that commercial sound you’ve been dreaming about.


You Receive My 30 Days Zero Risk Guarantee!

When you invest in Digital Mixing Ultimate Guide you’re covered by my risk free guarantee for 30 Days. I have so much certainty and faith in Digital Mixing Ultimate Guide to help you to Get Crisp, Loud & Punchy Mixes!

I guarantee this so you can get the same results as I am getting. Let’s say that something comes up and you have to cancel. Just let me know and all your money is right back in your bank account And what’s more, as a special bonus if you buy today, you can also keep the product even if you claim a refund.

I’ve ensured you take literally zero risk here.


Special Limited Time Offer (Ends Soon)

Digital Mixing Ultimate Guide is being offered on a dimesale and the price may increase steadily with every purchase, so this means you are unlikely to ever see Digital Mixing Ultimate Guide at this price ever again. Take advantage and get it at this price while you can.

Check Out The Success Others Are Having

I was skeptical at first that this guide could cure me of the struggle to get crisp and punchy mixes but I can use this even though I don’t have much knowledge about mixing music, compressors, equalizers so Thank You very much Gugulethu!


Hello Gugulethu,
I purchased your book today and I am enjoying reading it. You have put a lot of time into it. The tone of your writing is professional and caring. It is just the overview I need right now for a project I am producing for a client.

Thank you and I look forward to corresponding with you and enjoying your videos and products.


I’d been impressed by the work done by Gugulethu a.k.a DJ SGZ, so when I was told about this new guide I picked it up immediately. Every time I mix I just open this and use it as a cheat-sheet. I’m extremely satisfied with Digital Mixing Ultimate Guide...

Bill Jones

Here’s What You Get

When you invest in Digital Mixing Ultimate Guide you’re getting:

  • The unrivalled, certain, easy-to-implement approach that others like you are using to get you past the frustration of struggling to get loud and punchy mixes like your favorite music producers.
  • Your astonishing new ability to successfully Get Crisp, Bright & Punchy Mixes In 5 Simple To Follow Steps, Guaranteed. Even if you don’t have much knowledge about mixing music, compressors, equalizers or stereo image balance.
  • A solution that requires very little effort or time compared to alternatives.
  • My incredible 30 Days 100% risk free guarantee, meaning your investment is safe. I take all the risk.
  • Bonuses: 2 Music Production ebooks,1.5Gb+ Sample Library plus Free Pro Mastering

To secure your access at the special RISK FREE price of $39.95, just click the button below to buy Digital Mixing Ultimate Guide and fill out your details on the next page.

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Yours sincerely,
Gugulethu Sgz


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