Extract Vocals: How to Get an Acapella from Any Song

In today’s tutorial I want to share with you an easy way to extract vocals and get an acapella from any song. I’ll also show you how to remove vocals and get the instrumental.

This tutorial is for anyone who wants to extract vocals for a remix or bootleg. Even those who want to separate vocals from background music so that they can rap or sing on the instrumental.

I have tried a lot of different solutions for extracting vocals or getting an instrumental but only one software worked well for me.

The rest of the techniques that are recommended online don’t work in most cases.

The piece of software that worked for me is from iZotope and it’s called RX 7. With RX 7 you get full control over your audio, whether it’s isolating vocals, rebalancing mix elements or even changing the inflection of spoken dialogue.

The Music Rebalance feature in RX 7 is a powerful tool that intelligently identifies vocals, bass, percussion and other instruments in a song and allows for independent gain adjustment of each element.

Watch the video below to learn how to use Music Rebalance to extract vocals, drums, bass and other instruments from any song.

Download iZotope RX 7: https://talkinmusic.com/izotope-rx7

Extract Vocals or Instrumental from Any Song

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