Giveaway - Get Fee Plugin, Loops & Tutorials When Entering Pioneer Prize Draw

Hi, I'm Tim from Track Spark,

We'll be providing a monthly digital goody bag containing high quality live recorded music loops & programmed loops, plugins, sound banks, tutorials and more.

To promote our launch you can get free producers goody bag containing:

  • Valve Filter VF-1: a multimode resonant filter plug-in with vintage valve emulation from the superb AudioThing
  • 80 drum loops
  • A ‘Do’s and Don’ts of Mastering’ tutorial by Ian Shepherd
  • Mastering engineer and founder of Dynamic Range Day & a tutorial on mixing drums from Track Spark’s Rich Lewis
All free when you enter sweepstakes/prize draw for the chance of winning:


Pioneer RM-07 studio monitors,
3 chances to win a top of the range pair of Pioneer HRM-7 headphones, and
5 chances to win a year’s free subscription to Track Spark.

You'll also get 3 more entries for every referral. It's all pretty damn amazing basically!

Spark it up!
Track Spark
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