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    Не важно какое препятствие - Главное - какие у тебя антидеприсанты
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    You shouldn't be worried about 3rd party tools mate, no tool is accurate. But I would contact the company that created the tool and ask...
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    Lonny replied to the thread [Need Help] Sound Peak Issue.
    Thanks for taking the time to reply to this mate. That's not the issue though, I'm planning to get it on -15dB actually to give it a bit...
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    Hi Lonny, A kick shouldn't be peaking at -8dB, your mix will clip that way. The loudest part of you entire mix should peak at -12dB...
  • Lonny
    Hey guys, hope this post finds you well. While setting up Headroom for the mix, I've picked -8dB for the Kick, so long story short the...