Mix Bus Compression Tutorial

Mix Bus Compressor (Waves SSL)

Note: If you don’t use a mix bus compressor then good stick to that, but if you want to learn how to use it then this tutorial will help you. Today’s tutorial will be about mix bus compression, which is a very controversial and debatable subject in the audio engineering world. Some may recommend you …

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How To EQ Vocals

how to eq vocals

This tutorial has been requested a lot by my blog readers so today I’ll finally show you guys how to EQ vocals (might not work for vocal samples and effects). You’ll learn how to find problem frequencies and remove them to help the vocals sound more clean, profession and sit well in a mix. Here’s one question …

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How To EQ an Acoustic Guitar

EQ Acoustic Guitar

In this blog post we’ll be looking at how to EQ an acoustic guitar to help it cut through the mix. I will show you how to find the best setting for an acoustic to make it sit well in a mix without clashing with other sounds. These EQ techniques will work well for a …

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How To Use Dynamic Eq In Mixing

dynamic eq

In this tutorial we’re going to be looking at dynamic EQ which is a technique that is hardly used by most mixing engineers. It is mostly used in the mastering stage but today we’re going to look at how to use dynamic EQ in mixing. The major difference between a static and dynamic equalizer is that …

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