Mixing & Mastering Music

dynamic eq

How To Use Dynamic Eq In Mixing

In this tutorial we’re going to be looking at dynamic EQ which is a technique that is hardly used by most mixing engineers. It is mostly used in the mastering stage but today we’re going to look at how to use dynamic EQ in mixing. The major difference between a static and dynamic equalizer is that when you create a cut …

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how to equalize a kick drum

How To Equalize A Kick Drum

I’m back again with another video tutorial and today we are going to look at how you can equalize a kick drum sound to help it cut through and fit well with other sounds in a mix. You’ll learn how to find problem frequencies and then remove them to get a clean and punchy kick drum. You’ll also find out …

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bass compression tutorial

Bass Compression Tutorial + [Video]

In the past few months I’ve been trying to figure out a way to record a screencast video using an audio interface and I finally got it to work the way I want. From now on, there’ll be more video tutorials as compared to text tutorials because videos are much easier to create and makes it easy for people to understand. …

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mono vs stereo

Difference Between Mono and Stereo

If you missed the Point Blank FFL today then you can check out the repeat in the video below. In the video J.C. Concato, one of Point Blank’s tutors explains mono vs stereo. You’ll learn things like when should a sound be mono and when must a sound be stereo, and most importantly understand why? Understand the difference between mono …

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Recording Vocals Videos

Top 6 Videos You Need To Watch Before Recording Vocals

If you’re about to record or maybe you’ll be recording vocals in the near future then you need to watch these videos to make sure you get the best performance from your vocalist. Recording vocals can be a challenge, you don’t just plug the mic and capture the voice. That might work, but if you want a professional sound then …

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