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iZotope Iris 2

Introducing iZotope Iris 2: The World is Your Instrument

Redefine what is possible with iZotope Iris 2, the one-of-a-kind sample-based synthesizer. A few days back we checked out the Slate VMR plugins and now this? Produce and discover musical sounds that have never been heard before. Iris 2 offers a world of sounds to explore, including: – An epic library of patches and audio samples – Evolving rhythms and textures …

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Slate VMR – Virtual Mix Rack Hands-On Review

Slate Digital VIRTUAL MIX RACK – The Channel Strip of Your Dreams! The VIRTUAL MIX RACK continues the Slate Digital tradition of providing the absolute most authentically modeled analog sound in a digital audio plugin. After iZotope failed us on their Ozone 6, this looks promising. The ‘VMR’ includes four world class mix modules, including two classic equalizers and two …

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iZotope Ozone 6 Mastering Plugin Hands-On Review

Introducing Ozone 6: Creative Mastering Platform iZotope have just announced their new mastering suite, Ozone 6. It has all the tools you’ll need to get a full and well polished sound. The new interface makes the workflow a breeze, Ozone 6 also guides and inspires your creativity at each and every step. iZotope Ozone 6 is an advanced mastering suite …

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MASCHINE 2: Powering Creativity Worldwide

MASCHINE 2: Powering Creativity Worldwide See first-hand how MASCHINE 2 and drum synth enables producers around the world to create and perform without limits. More: Breton, The Fr3shmen, Cero39, Richard X, and Mitsu the Beats all create their own unique brand of music. But they use the same tool. These internationally acclaimed artists reveal how Maschine Studio helps them …

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AmpliTube Loop Drummer 2 Overview

IK Multimedia have just announced the new Loop Drummer 2 which comes with the new version of AmpliTude for iOS. The new version comes packed with grooves in all major genres including Electro, Rock, Country, Blues, Punk, Pop, Funk, Metal, Jazz, Reggae and Latin. The new Loop Drummer 2 is like having your personal session drummer. This is versatile and …

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SoundGrid Studio System

SoundGrid Studio System Overview

In this tutorial you will learn how to track with hundreds of plugins, yet in incredibly low latency, using the Waves SoundGrid Studio System. Features Seamless Integration – Connect multiple DAWs using the SoundGrid ASIO/Core Audio driver Real-Time Processing – Run hundreds of plugins simultaneously Networking – Connect everything and everyone through a centralized hub Low-Latency Monitoring – Track and …

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