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FabFilter Announced Pro-Q 2

I’m a big fan of the FabFilter Pro-Q equalizer plugin and I’m happy they’ve announced the new Pro-Q 2 which will be coming out 28th August 2014. I’m really excited about the new features and can’t wait to put my hands on this baby.

While everyone is happy about Properllerhead Reason 8, FabFilter just introduced their new update.

This is a major new update and the new features include natural phase processing, auto gain, spectrum grab, gain-Q interaction, slope support on all filter shapes and more…

What I’ve always liked the most about the Waves H-Eq is the piano keyboard, which you can use to cut or boost frequency by musical notes. The new Pro-Q 2 also has this keyboard feature. You can also make the plugin full screen if you want to, for precise equalizing.

They also added 2 new filter types which are the band pass filter and the unusual Tilt Shelf. The auto gain automatically adjust the overall gain to compensate for the current eq settings. This makes your eq setting more intuitive and helps avoid problems with dynamic processing.

The audio quality has also improved and the latency features matches the analog equalizers even more closely than before. The Pro-Q 2 can now freeze the analyzer spectrum to hold peak levels.

Other great features include side-chain and Eq match. This is flexibility at its best. For now this is going to be the best equalizer in the market, I say great job to FabFilter. Just watch the video below and be prepared to be blown away.

Introduction to FabFilter Pro-Q 2

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