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Mixing & Mastering Music

pre-mastering - how to finalize a mix

Pre-Mastering Tips: Finalizing a Mix with Abbey Road TG Mastering Chain

In today’s tutorial I’ll be sharing some audio Pre-Mastering Tips that you can use to finalize a mix and get it ready for mastering. This is the final step you’ll need to do once you’re happy with how your instrumentation and vocals sound.You’ll need to do some Pre-Mastering if you feel like it can improve the overall mix and don’t …

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How to use Multiband Compression on Vocals

How To Use Multiband Compression on Vocals Like A Pro

Today I’ll be talking about the most underused processing tool when it comes to mixing music. It is usually recommended for mastering or group channels.Yep, I’m talking about the multiband compressor and in this blog post I want to show you how to use multiband compression on vocals to help them sit well in a mix.Unlike other processing tools, anything …

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sidechain reverb technique

Sidechain Reverb: The Secret Reverb Trick All The Pros Use

I trust that you enjoyed my previous tutorial about gain staging. Today I’ll show you a secret reverb trick that all the Pros Use to get a clean and great sounding reverb sound. This trick is known as the sidechain reverb effect. Even though reverbs are great to put sounds in a certain space, create contrast and depth in a mix …

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