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Twitter Desperate To Get Into The Music Business


Twitter Wants to Buy The New Youtube of Audio, Soundcloud!

Every body wants to be in the music business these days, amazon have joined the party, youtube announcing music pass soon. Now twitter is so desperate to get the piece of the pie.

A few months back Twitter wanted to buy Pandora or Spotify. They never had any final agreement or arranged talks with the 2 companies. The latest news is that Twitter is considering a deal to acquire SoundCloud. In October 2013, Soundcloud announced that they have reached 250 million users which I believe will help Twitter reach a bigger audience.

Soundcloud was reported the most shared music platform on Twitter and the $60 million funding round they did earlier this year boosted their website to be valued at $700 million. If the deal goes through then this will be the biggest twitter acquisition as they’re current biggest one was with MoPub which is a mobile Ad company. Twitter bought MoPub for $300 million.

The Soundcloud deal was suppose to be done last year where Twitter was introducing a new Twitter Music app and Soundcloud was suppose to be one of the services that will provide the music. But now because Soundcloud is in the grey area the deal never went through, music labels reported that Soundcloud doesn’t have licenses. So the Twitter Music app project was never pursued.

Twitter was expected to have reached a billion registered users by now so their investors are not happy at all. Their Ad system is not really popular as well.

Peter Chernin, Twitter board member who’s also one of the Soundcloud investors and Twitter’s earliest investors, Union Square Ventures are backing the Soundcloud deal. I also believe this deal is good for both companies to reach more people and increase Ad revenue.

I don’t know if the deal will go through or not. Twitter recently announced that they’re buying SnappyTV. Which has a great suite of tools that allows you to edit, share and save live videos as well as TV programming in the cloud.


The SnappyTV platform enables organizations to rapidly create, distribute and measure real-time promotional messaging delivered via social media channels. Messages are sent by the millions during prime time shows, live sports and breaking news. When you bring in social interactions around live streams, conferences and other events, this number grows exponentially. SnappyTV powers the clips of the biggest moments for sharing to the biggest audiences brought to you by the biggest brands.

Those are the latest music news folks. Keep producing good music and also get involved in the real music business and forget about the sales. I’ll be updating the blog with more tutorials so stay tuned.

Twitter Considering Deal To Buy SoundCloud

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