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Youtube Announced a New Music Streaming Service Called YouTube Music Pass

YouTube Music Pass

YouTube Will Be Blocking Indie Labels That Don’t Sign Up For The New Music Service!

This is a new service announced by Google which will charge people to watch and listen to music without displaying Ads(adverts). They can also download the music to their mobile devices. This is going to be a premium service and it’s called YouTube Music Pass.

It’s going to be like all the other crappy music streaming sites like Spotify, Pandora and the new Amazon’s Prime Music which was also announced a few days ago by amazon. These music streaming services only benefit the owner of the website or those with millions of fans, not John who’s producing his music in a bedroom at his mothers house.

They already have 90% of labels signed to the youtube music pass and the rest of the 10% is small labels who are not happy with the service and terms.

Youtube has already signed licensing deals with major labels Sony, Universal and Warner while the independent labels are demanded to sign up to inferior terms. If independent labels don’t sign the licensing deal then their videos are going to be blocked, even in the youtube free service.

This is going to affect indie labels of all sizes, including popular artists such as Jack White, Adele and Arctic Monkeys. Google already has their own Google Play Music All Access. Amazon has also launched the same thing a couple of days ago and amazon claims they already have 1 million songs. They’re both competing with Napster, Deezer, Apple’s Beats Music and Spotify.

As we all know, non of these services are benefiting indie labels at all. Instead classic songs are the ones which are doing well and stuff from major labels. The rest are just getting peanuts while the website owner generates billions of dollars. So basically it’s good business for them not the musicians who are the ones working hard to drive truck loads of traffic to these digital music services 🙁

Some indie labels are encouraging other labels to join youtube music pass, but it’s not everyone who wants to be paid between $0.006 to $0.0084 per stream in royalties.

Youtube has not announced how much they’re going to pay the labels but I bet it’s not going to be above $0.009 per stream. Major labels are just signing the deal just so they can stay on top and keep controlling  the music industry, there’s no other reason.

So independent record labels don’t get any respect in the digital music services.

This is why I always tell musicians to build their own websites or blogs and run things on their terms. For instance, Facebook crashed today, it was down for a few minutes and everyone was talking about it on Twitter and Google Plus. It’s even all over the news.

So you’ll never know what’s going to happen to these websites tomorrow. They might sell it, they might change it into a premium service or do whatever. Never rely on them, always build your own.

Anyway, those are the latest music news. My ultimate advice to you guys is that – forget about the music sales. Use your music as a weapon to brand yourself so that you can build something bigger.

Be a brand!

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