MXL 770 Review – Worth The Money? [2020]

MXL 770 Review

The MXL 770 is an extremely affordable condenser microphone that is most notable for its versatility and quality to price ratio.

Although the MXL 770 will not sound anywhere close to a premium, high-end mic, it is capable of being an excellent all-round mic for home studio owners and beginners.

In this MXL 770 Review, we are taking an in-depth look at the cardioid condenser microphone to see whether it’s worth the money compared to the alternatives.

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MXL 770 Cardioid Condenser Microphone

MXL Mics 770 Cardioid Condenser MicrophoneCheck Price

MXL 770 Pros

1. Price & Value For Money

One of the biggest pros of the MXL 770 is its price. Generally retailing around 50-80 USD, the MXL 770 is easily within budget for most beginners.

It’s challenging to find a mic that can perform quite as well on many sources at this price point. However, the MXL does just that, and you will not regret picking one up in a hurry.

2. Versatility

Another pro of the MXL 770 is its versatility. The MXL 770 comes with a FET preamp that allows the mic to capture a wide dynamic range. More specifically, the MXL 770 performs well with a variety of instruments such as voice, piano, strings as well as guitars.

The mic also features a switchable bass-cut as well as a -10db attenuator, which can also aid in capturing specific instruments a little better.

If you’re looking at a mic to capture the above instruments and generally perform well with whatever you throw in front of it, then the MXL 770 is an excellent choice for you.

3. Noise Isolation

Being a small diaphragm condenser microphone, the MXL 770 might not be able to capture the entire frequency spectrum of your voice or instruments. However, it will produce significantly less noise when recording.

This is ideal if you don’t have an acoustically treated space, or if you’re recording at close proximity from your singer, speaker, etc. It also gives it a smaller footprint, which makes moving it around and mounting, much more straightforward.

4. Comes With Necessary Accessories

The MXL 770 comes featuring its own case and shock mount. At this price point, it’s a feature to be desired by many other condenser microphones. Even for some more expensive ones.

Condenser microphones, as opposed to dynamic microphones, can be sensitive and can pick up even the tiniest noise. Such noises may be caused by breathing; accidental mic stand bumps and/or vibrations.

The shockmount, in this case, is used to eliminate the majority of these noises, which is an additional benefit that comes along with this mic.

5. Design

As we all value style just as much as quality nowadays, especially when making a purchase, you will be pleased to know that the MXL 770 also looks pretty cool.

There are two versions of the MXL 770. The standard version and midnight version. The standard version features a black body and gold lettering design, whereas the midnight version is all blacked out.

Being both at around the same price, you won’t break the bank by choosing one over the other.

MXL 770 Cons

1. Favors High Frequencies

Although the MXL 770 really does have a wide dynamic range, it favors high-end frequencies a little more. It also tends to produce a scooped mid-range at times, depending on the source.

If you are looking for peak performance with a natural, wide dynamic range, straight out of the box, then this mic will not be the one for you. In fact, you will be looking at some seriously expensive solutions to attain that result.

The MXL 770 is an easily eq-able mic that will allow you to tweak frequencies to your likings and remove some of those high-end frequencies that some of you may not like.

If you desire warm low end and clear mid frequencies, then you could also achieve this from post eq.

2. Sensitivity

As with all condenser microphones, the MXL 770 is quite sensitive, and is prone to capturing hard “T’s” and “P’s” when recording vocals. This is easily fixed with the use of a pop filter, but unfortunately, the MXL 770 doesn’t feature one.

This may be a small downside for most; but, there are a few mounting and angle techniques you can try that help with this issue. However, If you have a few extra bucks to spend, it would be a good idea to pick up a pop filter along with your MXL 770.

Conclusion – Do We Recommend MXL 770?

In conclusion, the MXL 770 is a versatile condenser microphone that performs well with many instruments. It’s cheap and comes with its own case and shock mount. It favors high-end frequencies over warm low end, but you can easily eq your recordings afterward.

The MXL 770 is by no means a Neumann U87, but it’s a solid beginner mic that can help you achieve great results on a budget. If you’re out looking for a cheap condenser mic that can handle more than just vocals, then we highly recommend the MXL 770.


  1. Cheap
  2. Sounds good
  3. Versatile
  4. Looks good
  5. Includes Shockmount


  1. Favors high frequencies
  2. Sensitivity

MXL 770 Cardioid Condenser Microphone

MXL Mics 770 Cardioid Condenser MicrophoneCheck Price