MXL V67G Review: A Must-Read Before Buying

MXL V67G Review

MXL continues to surprise with the quality they offer at affordable prices. And if you want reliability on a budget, the MXL V67G is a great option.

You probably know this, but V67G is the cheapest model in MXL’s V67 series of microphones. Nevertheless, the mic is well-made and gives you a tool for excellent audio results.

MXL V67G is mostly popular for home recording, but it will also perform good enough for some studio use.

In this MXL V67G Review, we’ll take a closer look at some of the pros & cons that you can expect from this budget mic – and see how it performs in different use cases.

Ready? Let’s get started…

MXL V67G Pros

1. Great For Vocals

When it comes to vocals, the V67G is an impressive microphone. It performs well above its price tag. 

Because although it isn’t initially obvious, this mic actually shares a lot of features with the Neumann U87. And the U87 is a legendary vocal mic.

The two are different in terms of quality and build, but the V67G seems to be inspired by Neumann’s design.

Here’s what I mean:

The mic has a 32mm capsule with a high-frequency peak. The built-in EQ circuit seems based on the Neumann U87. The high-frequency attenuation comes from the circuit sending some negative feedback, which gives the vocals a warmer sound.

For example, you can use this effect to thicken up any high-pitched female vocals.

Also worth noting – some mics at this price point have a harshness when picking up high frequencies – but the V67G avoids this completely. And that’s a plus in my book.

2. Good Frequency Response

The MXL V67G gives you a 30Hz – 20kHz frequency response. Though primarily for vocals, you can record a variety of instruments with this versatile microphone.

Though it records voices with the most detail, you might also find that it gives a great tone to your acoustic guitar or piano. The warmth of the microphone gives you another option in your recording arsenal.

With that being said, you can’t really use this mic to record bass instruments. Bass guitars or kick drum tones won’t be picked up by the V67G, at least not to their full potential. But plenty of other instruments work well with this mic.

3. Price Point & Value For Money

V67G is the cheapest microphone in the MXL V67 range. For comparison, both V67I and V67N have very similar designs but come at a higher price.

The components are slightly better in those mics, but it’s not a big difference. Overall, V67G’s overall sound and warmth are good for the price, especially when compared to the rest of the range. Especially if you’re looking for an entry-level mic, the higher price of other mics in the V67 range might not always justify itself.

And if you’re wondering what the differences between V67 and V67G are – there aren’t any. When the other sibling mics were introduced, the V67 was renamed the V67G to avoid confusion.

A lot of people compare this to other budget condenser mics like the AT2020. They both do a good job on the affordable end of the market.

Their main difference is that while the AT2020 is a bit more versatile with other instruments, the V67G has a character to the frequency response, giving you a tube mic sound.

4. Looks

Yes, we know this isn’t the top criteria for microphones, but who wants an ugly mic standing around their studio? This one looks great. The green design complements the gold, and it has that retro feel.

You shouldn’t make your choice on looks alone. However, it’s nice to open the packaging and see some striking new music gear. These mics look right at home in a recording studio.

5. Good Sound Detail And Isolation

The cardioid pattern allows you to use this mic to isolate vocals. You’re unlikely to get bleeding from other instruments or headphones. It rejects noise from the side and behind the mic, focusing on the subject. 

The detail this mic offers is impressive. We’ve already discussed the frequency response, but the fidelity of the audio is there, too. The V67G has a large diaphragm condenser that gives you plenty of extra detail.

The sound is great considering the price, especially in the mid-range frequencies. It’s great for singing, but also good for voiceovers, podcasting, and other voice recordings.

MXL V67G Cons

1. Not Versatile Enough For Drums (With One Exception)

The SPL (sound pressure level) is enough handle drums, but this mic really isn’t suitable for your drums. The MXL V67G doesn’t give the snap you need on snare or toms. You can tell that it’s designed for the warmth of vocals or acoustic instruments.

The one possible exception is drum overheads. You can use this microphone as a room mic, or get two to use as a pair over your drum kit. Their mid-range sound can give a nice shine to your overall drum mix.

You do need to pair the V67G with other drum mics, though. Unfortunately, you can’t buy these as a matched pair, but many overhead mic techniques will work.

2. No Shock Mount Included 

This is a major way that MXL could improve the V67G. It includes a mic clip for attaching to a stand, but no shock mount. This means if anything nudges the mic, the volume can spike and recordings can be ruined. You should use a shock mount whenever possible on a condenser microphone.

There are shock mounts that fit the MXL V67G, but you have to buy them separately. Most budget mics come with a shock mount. Even other MXL mics like the MXL770 come with one, so it’s frustrating that you don’t get it with this model.

Conclusion – Do We Recommend MXL V67G?

MXL microphones are a good choice for microphones under or around $100. The MXL V67G is a great example of detail on a budget. The frequency response is fine, and the tube mic style midrange warmth is a bonus.

It does have its limits. The sound detail and crispness isn’t comparable to Neumann mics, such as the U87, but for a fraction of the price, you get a good alternative in the MXL V67G.

Building the next Abbey Road studio? You might want to look for something with more detail and functions. But, for great home recordings and beginner studios, the V67G is worth putting on the shortlist.