NI Komplete 10 & Komplete Kontrol S Series Overview

NI Komplete 10 & Komplete Kontrol S Series Overview

Here is a Product Spotlight by Guitar Center and Nick from Native Instruments showcasing the Komplete 10 Software and the brand new Komplete Kontrol S Series keyboard. The keyboard is built to integrate with the entire komplete library.

The Kontrol S Series keyboard is also compatible with NI komplete 9 but not on 8 or any other previous versions. The keyboard comes as a 25, 49 and 61 keys. It is also a great keyboard for those who don’t know music theory. The keyboard has “scale assist” and “chord generator” modes. The mapping is also done for you.

Native Instruments also added a unique touch screen pitch bend and modulation on the Kontrol S Series keyboard. Komplete continues to define the cutting edge of instrument design, synthesis and DSP technology. You can easily twist, warp your sounds and add studio grade effects for professional mixes.

Komplete 10 comes with 75 products, over 17,000 sounds and over 440 GB of instruments as well as audio processing tools. Watch the video below for more detailed info.

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NI Komplete 10 & Komplete Kontrol S Series