Mixing Drums

Mixing Drums

It’s always great to have ideas and putting them into your DAW but really annoying if you can’t get everything sounding professional in the final mixing stage. Mixing drums really depends on the type of music you’re making. If you’re making a pop song then you know your most important sounds are the vocals, drums …

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Mixing Competition: Big Head Todd and The Monsters – Hey Delilah

Mixing Competition - Big Head Todd and The Monsters - Hey Delilah

Put your music production skills to a test. Telefunken and Indaba Music have teamed up to give mixing engineers an opportunity to mix an in-studio performance by the Big Head Todd and The Monsters. Big Head Todd and The Monsters was formed in Colorado during the late ’80s and their style of music is rock. …

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10 New Remix Competitions

remix competitions

Here’s a list of the latest remix competitions from the remix comps website. This is another great way to push your music production career, it’s something you can do on the side. People love free stuff so use these remix competitions to keep your fans happy. 10 new remix competitions Phantogram – Fall In Love …

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What Is Mixing

what is mixing

On this blog post I want to share with you some info about what is mixing in music production. What I’m talking about here is audio mixing so please don’t confuse it with djing. This is a stage where a producer gets to polish their song to make it sound as good as possible and …

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