Paul Keller Jazz Records Overview (PKO Records)

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This post is the first in our favorite jazz record labels overview series. Won’t be long, but we want the world to know about these hidden labels that might not be in the spotlight.

Side note: We’re pretty oldschool over at Talkinmusic. While we do listen to Spotify and Tidal and all that, we feel that the modern streaming services have taken the “soul” out of the old times where you went out to explore record label catalogues to find new music. With this series, we want to raise awareness of some of our favorite labels out there.

Paul Keller is a legendary jazz musician who currely works and lives in the Michigan area. We won’t bore you with facts about his childhood and education – it’s enough to say that if you know anything about Jazz, you’re probably familiar with Paul Keller.  

Besides working with his own orchestra (PKO – the Paul Keller Orchestra), Paul also runs and manages the Paul Keller Records records studio. Their latest recordings and catalogue can be found over at The catalog of the record label already includes more than 50 CDs by Keller himself and many other outstanding midwest jazz musicians.

Paul Keller has won many awards over the years, and Paul Keller Records (PKO) remains a hidden goldmine of quality jazz music for any enthusiast out there. We highly recommend you familiarize yourself with their catalog. We are huge fans Paul Keller and PKO records ourselves.