Samson SR850 vs. Superlux HD668B: Budget-Friendly Studio Headphone Showdown

Samson SR850 vs Superlux HD668B

We all know how having great studio headphones is of absolute importance if you’re making your own home studio. However, we also know how awfully expensive it can get. Luckily, home recording enthusiasts have great but cheap headphones to choose from, like Samson’s SR850  and Superlux’s HD668B. But which of these two are better?

Here’s what we’ll cover in this Samson SR850 vs Superlux HD668B comparison:

  1. Sound Quality
  2. Comfort
  3. Stability
  4. Build Quality
  5. Portability
  6. Design
  7. Price & Value For Money
  8. Pros & Cons

Ready? Let’s get started…

Which One Are YOU Leaning Towards?

30-Second Summary: Samson SR850 vs Superlux HD668B

So when it comes down to Samson SR850 vs Superlux HD668B, which one should you choose? Here’s a quick overview:

  • Go for Samson SR850 if you want semi-open back headphones that are slightly more bright-sounding. Additionally, they’re also comfortable and are easily adaptable to different heads.
  • Go for Superlux HD668B if you’re looking for bass-heavier semi-open back headphones. They might not be as comfortable to some users, but they have a better grip and stability, which is useful for more active and dynamic performers.

1. Sound Quality: Samson SR850 vs Superlux HD668B

Sound Quality: Samson SR850

While Samson is known for their expensive pro-level stuff, their affordable SR850 headphones are worth checking out as well. These headphones come with pretty wide frequency response, even surpassing the audible spectrum, which, in return, gives a better sound quality.

We’re talking about covering anything from 10 Hz to 30 kHz. Additionally, the headphones also feature a sensitivity of 98 dB.

But most importantly, we need to look into the distribution of frequencies. If we were to look at the curve, everything is more or less flat from 150 to about 800 Hz. There’s a boost from 900 to 3500 Hz, and then a dip from 4 kHz to 6 Hz, followed by a boost in the highest end of the spectrum.

While not perfect, this sound quality is as close as it gets within the headphones’ price range. The bass might be a bit “thin” but these headphones don’t sound cheap at all.

Sound Quality: Superlux HD668B

Talking about Superlux’s HD668B, these are a bit different. Sure, the frequency range that they cover is the same, going from 10 to 30000 Hz, but the distribution of frequencies tells a different story.

These headphones are a bit more bass-heavy. On the other hand, they just slightly lack some of the higher-end frequencies. It’s not that much of a big deal, especially if we’re talking about their price level.

They’re pretty strong in the bass and even sub-bass territories. On the other hand, the high-ends are not as pronounced compared to the Samson headphones. But once again, we have headphones that are cheap but don’t sound cheap.

Sound Quality: Bottom Line

To be fair, the sound quality is the most important thing to look into. And considering the fact that we’re talking about cheap entry-level headphones, both of these are a pretty great deal.

The only difference is that Superlux HD668B headphones more bass-oriented, while with Samson SR850 we have a brighter output. They’re both pretty much equals in this regard, so it’s up to you to see what works the best for your needs.

Sound Quality Winner: Tie

2. Comfort: Samson SR850 vs Superlux HD668B

Comfort: Samson SR850

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What’s really impressive about Samson’s SR850 is that they feel pretty great on your head and ears. Once again, we have a category where SR850 headphones outperform their price level.

When you put them on, they just feel right. They fit well, they stay clamped over your ears, and they’re easily adaptable to anyone’s head.

At the same time, you don’t feel like you have to take them off after an hour or more of listening. And that’s a rare thing to say about cheap headphones, so SR850 really does the trick for their price.

Comfort: Superlux HD668B

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When it comes to Superlux HD668B and their comfort, we’re talking about a pretty decent set of headphones. They’re padded pretty well and their earcups are large enough to get everyone covered.

On the other hand, their headband is a bit of a disappointment. While its design is most certainly interesting, it just doesn’t extend to everyone’s needs. Some may like how it fits, but there’ll definitely be potential users who’d not prefer the way its headband works.

There are two separate pads on the headband. And if the headphones are too tight, they may feel uncomfortable, pushing these pads too tightly over your head.

Comfort: Bottom Line

When it comes to comfort, this particular trait can be somewhat subjective. One user might dislike what the other one prefers.

However, we have a clearer situation with these two sets of headphones. To be fully honest, Samson’s SR850 headphones feel much better compared to Superlux HD668B. Additionally, they’re also pretty light.

Now, this doesn’t mean that Superlux HD668B should be completely thrown out of this competition. Some might prefer them over the Samson headset. However, being far less adaptable to different users, HD668B is a “riskier” choice when it comes to comfort.

Comfort Winner: Samson SR850

3. Stability: Samson SR850 vs Superlux HD668B

Stability: Samson SR850

Samson’s SR850 headphones are relatively stable. Sure, these are studio headphones so it’s not like you’re going to be jumping around all the time.

However, if we’re talking about settings where you’d headbang all the time, then maybe SR850 are not for you. It’s not like they’re unstable, but they’re probably not the best choice for those who are too dynamic.

Stability: Superlux HD668B

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Although Superlux HD668B headphones are not always the most comfortable ones (at least not for some users), they’re certainly pretty stable. They clamp tightly over your head and you’re guaranteed to have a more stable performance.

What’s more, we’re even certain that they’d keep still even if you go for a run with them on your head. Of course, they’re not intended for this purpose, but this makes them a great choice for anyone who’s very active while performing.

Stability: Bottom Line

While stability might not seem like an important factor, there are users who are looking for it. With that said, we’d argue that Superlux HD668B is a better choice for anyone who’s more active while performing.

Stability Winner: Superlux HD668B

4. Build Quality: Samson SR850 vs Superlux HD668B

Build Quality: Samson SR850

Samson’s SR850 are not just light (276 grams), but they keep things pretty sturdy. This is followed by a fairly tight construction, keeping things very stable, even in the longer run.

Of course, they might feel just a bit flimsy, especially to some of the more demanding users. However, you can’t expect it to be perfect for this price, can you?

Build Quality: Superlux HD668B

In some ways, Superlux HD668B is modeled after AKG’s K240 set. It’s kind of a cheaper version, which you can notice with their build quality. They obviously feel a bit cheap-ish, although it’s not that bad.

To be fair, it’s not much of a surprise. But on the other hand, their build quality is decent enough, pretty comparable to the Samson headset as well.

Build Quality: Bottom Line

Before we give any official confirmation of which one is better, it’s important to point out, once again, that both of these headphone sets are budget-friendly. You can’t expect some kind of superior quality with either of them.

But with that said, they’re both pretty great considering their price categories. Don’t expect much of these headphones, but they’ll still get the job done.

In the end, both sets are okay. Not too good but not too bad either. And they’re pretty much the same.

Build Quality Winner: Tie

Which One Are YOU Leaning Towards?

5. Portability: Samson SR850 vs Superlux HD668B

Portability: Samson SR850

When it comes to portability, Samson’s SR850 are okay and won’t bring you much trouble. They’re light and are somewhat flexible, which comes in handy for transport.

Of course, it would be useful if they had had foldable parts. However, you can’t really expect much for this particular price category.

Portability: Superlux HD668B

On the other hand, Superlux HD668B aren’t really that good. Sure, they’re light, but they kind of feel bulky if you try to pack them along with other gear.

They aren’t easily adjustable, so that can present additional problems. They’re not much flexible either, so we’d say that, overall, HD668B headphones aren’t really your most portable option.

Portability: Bottom Line

The issue of portability might not seem important. However, having headphones that are possible to take around with you has its advantages.

Now, neither of these are super-portable. However, we’d give a slight advantage to Samson’s SR850. The way they’re built not only helps you save some space, but they’re also a bit more resistant to rougher handling. Therefore, this one goes to Samson.

Portability Winner: Samson SR850

6. Design: Samson SR850 vs Superlux HD668B

Design: Samson SR850

Here we have the semi-open back design on our hands. This is a pretty good deal for headphones of this price range. Such features add a bit of a twist to the sound, which is a trait that some musicians prefer.

But overall, we’d be confident to say that it adds to their aesthetic features as well. In short, the SR850 design is a great blend of functionality and the visual aspect. If you’re someone who cares about having professional-looking stuff, these headphones will get you covered.

Design: Superlux HD668B

To be fair, we’re having a hard time determining whether we like the Superlux HD668B design or not. It’s not bad, but it kind of looks weird.

Of course, these are also semi-open back headphones, a trait that has its advantages. However, the pads on the headband do bring an odd kind of look. And we have mixed feelings about that.

Nonetheless, they still look decent. There are definitely musicians and producers who would prefer their design.

Design: Bottom Line

At the end of the day, the aesthetic aspect is pretty subjective. And we’d be dishonest if we said that one of these two headphone sets looks better.

In short, both are a good combination of functionality and looks. Although we didn’t particularly like all of the aspects of HD668B headphones, we’ll call it a tie.

Design Winner: Tie

7. Price & Value For Money: Samson SR850 vs Superlux HD668B

Price & Value For Money: Samson SR850

Samson has done a pretty great job with their SR850 headphones. Honestly, they seem like they belong to a more expensive category.

To put it simply, SR850 headphones are one of the best choices for their price level. If you feel like keeping the price modest and yet getting a great sound and ergonomic qualities, barely any headphones out there can compare with SR850.

Price & Value For Money: Superlux HD668B

Aside from some minor hick-ups, Superlux HD668B headphones are still a pretty great deal for the price. They might be a bit more specific due to their traits though, but they’re okay.

Still belonging to the cheaper price category, you can’t really go wrong with them if you’re looking for an easy budget-friendly solution.

Price & Value For Money: Bottom Line

As already mentioned multiple times, both of these headphone sets are budget-friendly solutions. So you can’t expect some high-end features and traits with them.

However, considering their price, these are a pretty great deal. If you’re looking to save up but still have great headphones in your home studio, both Samson SR850 and Superlux HD668B are a great choice.

But with that said, SR850 headphones have just a slight advantage. Therefore, Samson wins this one.

Price & Value For Money Winner: Samson SR850

8. Pros & Cons: Samson SR850 vs Superlux HD668B

Samson SR850 Pros & Cons


  • Great combination of price and quality
  • Decent build quality
  • Good sound, great for those who want more high-end in the mix


  • Nothing for this price level

Superlux HD668B Pros & Cons


  • Great combination of price and quality
  • Unique-looking design
  • Good sound quality, great for those who like bass-heavier output


  • They’re not that ergonomic and adaptable for some users

Conclusion & Takeaway

To summarize our findings in this Samson SR850 vs Superlux HD668B comparison, here are the winners for each category:

  • Sound Quality – Tie
  • Comfort – Samson SR850
  • Stability – Superlux HD668B
  • Build Quality – Tie
  • Portability – Samson SR850
  • Design – Tie
  • Price & Value For Money – Samson SR850

Overall: Samson SR850

Which One Are YOU Leaning Towards?

While we had no trouble pointing out that Samson’s SR850 headphones are better in this comparison, Superlux HD668B are not to be overlooked. After all, HD668B are a great deal for the price as well and they’re a viable choice if you’re looking for a cheaper solution for your home studio.

Additionally, you may prefer their bass-heavier sound and the way they fit over your head. At the end of the day, the choice is up to you. However, SR850 headphones were, objectively, a better deal at the end of the day.

If you didn’t get a chance to try them both out, just bear in mind that SR850 comes better for high-ends while HD668B is more bottom-end oriented.

Products Comparison Table:

Spec / Feature

Samson SR850

Superlux HD668B

Frequency Range

10 to 30000 Hz

10 to 30000 Hz





98 dB SPL

98 dB SPL


Semi-open back, over-ear

Semi-open back, over-ear


9.7 oz (276 grams)

7.5 oz (212.6 grams)