AmpliTube Loop Drummer 2 Overview

Loop Drummer 2 by AmpliTude

IK Multimedia have just announced the new Loop Drummer 2 which comes with the new version of AmpliTude for iOS. The new version comes packed with grooves in all major genres including Electro, Rock, Country, Blues, Punk, Pop, Funk, Metal, Jazz, Reggae and Latin.

The new Loop Drummer 2 is like having your personal session drummer. This is versatile and there’s a lot of tricks you can do to make your drums sound like a live performance. Its unique remix feature allows you to build the arrangement yourself or it can automatically generate a full length drum session with intro, fills, alternate beats and endings.

It can also be used for jamming. There’s a lot of stuff you can do with this tool, it’s not just a loop library. This is a great product for all AmpliTude users, you’ll have a personal session drummer in your pocket.

Top Features

  • Export drum sequences to iOS Clipboard or via File Sharing
  • Syncs automatically with AmpliTube recorder
    Loop-based drum module that can be opened from inside AmpliTube
  • Remix button intelligently generates unique drum sequences from the loops in the Groove
  • 1024 loops available in a variety of musical styles
  • Audio from Loop Drummer appears as a separate audio channel on the AmpiTube recorder
  • Loops change tempo to match Loop Drummer’s tempo setting
    Timeline-style arranging of drum parts
  • Mixer section allows for independent drum volume adjustment and drum track soloing
  • Set custom-length looping sections

Watch the video below for a more detailed review.

Loop Drummer 2 – Your Personal Session Drummer Inside AmpliTube