Mixing & Mastering Music

Vocal Mixing Tutorial - A Beginner's Guide To Mixing Vocals In Cubase

Vocal Mixing Tutorial: A Beginner’s Guide To Mixing Vocals In Cubase

One of the questions I frequently get these days is; “can you please do a tutorial about mixing vocals in Cubase …” So, this means that there’s a lot of people who still believe that mixing vocals with stock plugins is different from using third-party plugins. The last time I checked, 500Hz on a stock plugin is still the same …

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sound design for beginners

Sound Design Tutorial For Beginners

The number #1 reason a lot of producers, musicians and artists alike cannot compete on a commercial level is simply because they don’t spend time getting the right sound straight from the source. This is what separates the Pros from the amateurs. The reason why mixing vocals or instruments that are well recorded by a professional engineer is a simple …

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pre-mastering - how to finalize a mix

Pre-Mastering Tips: Finalizing a Mix with Abbey Road TG Mastering Chain

In today’s tutorial I’ll be sharing some audio Pre-Mastering Tips that you can use to finalize a mix and get it ready for mastering. This is the final step you’ll need to do once you’re happy with how your instrumentation and vocals sound.You’ll need to do some Pre-Mastering if you feel like it can improve the overall mix and don’t …

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