9 Easiest Songs To Sing


Singing can be intimidating, it’s a musical instrument that everyone has. Still, it’s also the most intimate one, because everyone has a different voice. Everyone carries a different experience on how to use it and how to communicate feelings through words and intention.

That is why sometimes, standing in front of people to sing a song on karaoke or a show, can be very nerve-racking and difficult, as opposed to singing in the shower or in the car.

If you want to build up your confidence as a singer, or just have a bit of fun on a night out with friends to your local karaoke, you can also try easy songs that don’t require you to have exceptional skills at singing and will make you feel good about letting yourself go with the music.

In order to get you started on the struggle to find your voice and feel comfortable with it, we picked a few songs that aren’t too difficult to sing, and some will even make you feel like a pro!

John Lennon – Imagine


This is without a doubt one of the most famous songs of all time, written and sung by John Lennon and released in 1971.

This is a simple song at first glance, it’s just one of those songs where everything falls in the right place, including a very sweet voice that mostly stays around the chest voice area without too many changes in range.

It’s not really the perfect mood for a karaoke party, but if you want to practice your singing and even piano playing, this song is perfect, it’s great and an easy song to sing, and it’s the Beatles, so why not?

Oasis – Wonderwall


Yes, it’s that song that every teenager with a guitar has to play, but it’s great despite all the memes and even hate, Wonderwall is a Britpop anthem that was released in 1995 by the Gallagher brothers.

To this day, this is still one of, if not, the most popular song from the band and it has kept its popularity all around the globe for all this time as one of the most played songs ever.

Also, this is a very easy song to sing, especially for males, as there is no funny business with falsettos or any of that, so as long as you can breathe properly and have a clear chest voice, this song will be easy for you!

Joan Jett – I Love Rock n’ Roll


This is one of the biggest rock hits of the 80s, as Joan Jett showed everyone that she could be everything a Rock n’ Roll star is and more.

This song was originally written in 1975 by Alan Merril and Jake Hooker from The Arrows, but today, the 1982s version by Joan Jett was the one that stuck in people’s mind.

If you want to feel like a rockstar it doesn’t matter what gender you are, Joan Jett made sure of that with this incredible song, and you don’t even have to be a professional singer, as long as you have the attitude you’re good to go!

ABBA – Mamma Mia


The Swedish group ABBA managed to make a wonderful hit back in 1975 with a pop song that featured the wonderful vocals from Agnetha Fältskog and Anni-Frid Lyngstad that shine with simple lyrics and easy range.

It’s a very relatable song and it’s very catchy, so it’s a very fun one to sing with your friends, don’t worry about memorizing lyrics or reaching high notes, you’ll manage!

The Eagles – Hotel California


Another 70s hit with the Eagles soft rock song that not only received a Grammy and topped the Hot 100 singles chart for a week but also managed to stay relevant years after its release.

While the lyrics may be a bit hard to remember, the singing part is not that hard, so maybe all you need to get the crowd happy is the lyrics.

Spice Girls – Wannabe


This song is great for just having dumb fun with your friends, and the truth is you don’t need any skill in order to sing it.

The Spice Girls were a big thing in the 90s and early 2000s, making it to pop culture and an important staple in the pop industry.

The great thing about the vibe from this song is that it doesn’t matter if the whole group singing it is out of tune, what matters is that everyone has fun. If you want to sing it alone you can still try to do it and it won’t be too hard, just back it up with the confidence to do it.

Queen – We Will Rock You


If you really want to sing something from Queen, and you want to have a pleasant experience as a beginner then this is the song for you, and probably one of the easiest the band has to offer.

Queen is known to have Freddie Mercury as a leading man with one of the greatest voices in the history of music, but fortunately, not all songs are nearly impossible to sing for beginners, but there is a reason for that.

If you look at this song live, you’ll notice that this is the perfect “sing-along” song, it doesn’t require an extremely wide vocal range and it’s mostly chest voice, just remember to get the lyrics right and avoid shouting, just sing at the right volume and you got it!

Smash Mouth – All Star


There is a lot of nostalgia surrounding this song, especially for those 20-year-olds that got to know the song through Shrek and then memes on the internet.

This was a great one hit wonder that while it’s easy to sing, you need to keep up with the lyrics, although you’d be surprised how many people know this song from start to finish.

This song is optimistic and easy to sing, so don’t worry to much about hitting the perfect notes, it’s not hard at all and if you miss, it’s not too noticeable, there is a lot of “spoken word” in this song.

This song still has a lot of the popularity that it had in the early 2000s, thanks to the internet, and it still is a great song to sing with friends.

Miley Cyrus – Malibu


This song was released in 2017 and it can be considered a pop-rock hit.

This is a very mellow song that explores her past relationship with her ex-husband so it involves a lot of feeling and a change of pace from her usual thing.

It’s easy to sing as it has a low chest voice tone that won’t be a problem for most beginners, the only difficult part could be found at the lyrics and the rhythm but with a little practice, you’ll be able to sing and sound quite good, even if you’re not a professional.


If you want to sing in a karaoke bar or with your friends, you can just let yourself go and try these songs as you will not have much of a challenge for example songs like Bohemian Rhapsody or something like that.

However, if you are learning how to sing and you plan to sing songs like the ones on our list regularly, then you should remember to do vocal exercises and warm up your voice in order to improve your performance and avoid any vocal chord injuries.

If you want to look for other easy songs to start with, just remember to choose songs that don’t require you to have a wide vocal range, are mostly around chest voice and don’t incorporate a lot of falsetto, and don’t require things like growls, raspy voice or anything that might damage your voice if you haven’t mastered the required technique to do so.

Finally, as a last piece of advice to anyone looking to sing in any context, remember that emotion is the key to giving a good performance, whether it’s a very personal song in an important moment of your life or karaoke!