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Facebook Mobile Apps – Share Music, TV Shows and Movies Without Typing

Facebook has added an optional feature to their mobile apps that speeds up the status update process. Facebook mobile apps can now identify music, TV shows as well as movies just like Shazam.

The app will listen to the song or movie playing in the background through the microphone of the mobile device then if it finds a match it then displays it in your facebook account and you can choose to either share what you’re watching or listening to in a split second or choose not to post it, you have full control.

Since facebook reported that over 5 billion posts were made using the feelings and activities feature now they’re making the conversations quicker and much easier by introducing a new way to share, discover music, TV and movies.

Instead of typing on facebook that you’re listening to your favorite Beyonce song or watching episode 2 of Breaking Bad, you can do it quickly using the facebook mobile app, without typing.

Facebook Mobile Apps - Share, Discover Music, TV and Movies

This will work just like any normal post, you still have the choice to choose who sees the status update. If you want, then you can just switch off the feature any time.

When you leave this feature on, you’ll see the audio icon move and try to detect a match when you write a status update. No sound will be stored and you will always choose whether you want to post it to your friends.

When you share music, your facebook friends will only listen to a 30-second preview of the song. If it’s a TV show, then the story in the News Feed will highlight the season and specific episode you’re currently watching, so you can avoid any spoilers 🙂

Facebook Mobile Apps - Optionally Share, Discover Music, TV and Movies

Some facebook haters are claiming that this mobile app will violate people’s privacy but that’s not true because you have full control and you can choose who can see the post.

The facebook app will be available for iOS and Android in the next coming weeks. That’s what Facebook said on their newsroom blog, there’s no specific date as to when it will be released.

Hope it works at a music festival as well.

Facebook Mobile Apps – Share, Music, TV Shows and Movies With Ease

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