Boss GT-1000 vs Helix: Which should you buy?

Boss GT 1000 vs Helix

All-in-one multi-FX pedals have really been brought to the forefront of modern guitar playing in recent years. It was only a few short years ago when the best we had to play with were models like the original Line6 Pod. Today there are quite a few really great digital multi-FX pedals with amp emulation, and …

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Digitakt vs Octatrack: Which is the best?

Digitakt vs Octatrack

Intro Elektron is perhaps one of the most revered creators of music production equipment you’ve never heard of. But you’ve definitely heard tracks produced and played on their gear, and more often than not, that will be either a Digitakt or an Octatrack. They offer a few overlapping features in that they are both samplers, …

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