Waves Bass Fingers: Best Bass Guitar Plugin Ever?

The NEW Waves Bass Fingers plugin is designed to turn your MIDI keyboard playing into authentic and realistic bass guitar parts. The goal of this post is to test whether this is the best bass guitar plugin or not.

I got the plugin on a discount for only $24 and later on I’ll show you how to download it at half price as well.

Many producers these days program the bassline using a midi controller and the challenge comes when you want to make your midi programmed bass to sound real and authentic as if it was played live with a real 4 string bass guitar.

The Waves Audio team believes that the new Bass Fingers is; “the most detailed and nuanced fingerstyle bass virtual instrument in existence.” The plugin will give your basslines character and personality of a seasoned bass player intuitively on your midi keyboard.

The Bass VST is offered in VST/AU/AAX formats for both PC and Mac computers.

Bass Fingers is made to sound natural, it’s a high performance virtual instrument that offers you an extensive range of articulation and control over your sound.

From natural legatos, release and decays, to realistic percussive playing, sampled slides, mechanical noises, automatic string switching, a customisable keyswitch editor, built-in effects and other natural playing effects.

It comes with a 15 HD sound library of realistic bass samples. You’ll get the most extensive and realistic fingerstyle bass sounds possible for your music projects.

Bass Fingers is designed to give you all the same mechanics, variations and dynamics that you get from a real bass guitar. 

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Main Features

  • 21 interactive playing positions with an intelligent adaptive fretboard
  • NKS-ready for NI Komplete Kontrol and Maschine
  • 8 velocity layers and 6 round robins for every sampled note
  • Customizable Keyswitch Editor for modifiers and additional bass SFX samples
  • The most nuanced fingerstyle bass sample library ever created
  • Built-in studio-quality effects
  • Full 5-string articulation: natural hammer-ons and pull-offs, release and decays, sampled slides, percussive playing & more
  • Plugin or standalone instrument
  • Automatic string switching

I played around with the plugin and here are some audio examples of what you should expect:

Waves Bass Fingers Hands-On Review

Waves Bass Fingers is available now for an introductory price of $49 USD (regular $69 USD). If you use the link below and add the coupon HALF during checkout, you’ll get Bass Fingers for just $24.50 USD.

Here’s your SPECIAL download link: https://pluginboutique.com/?a_aid=4cc84a2e1b6c2

Leave your comments below to let me know your thoughts about this plugin, I would really love to hear from you.