Mastering Tips: Preparing Your Music For DJing & Downloads

Point Blank online music school have just shared a great 50 minutes video that has some great music mastering tips for all those who are interested in DIY mastering. There are great tips about getting your master crisp, well balanced and loud.

I know this is not related to music production or mixing but I thought I should share with those who are interested in getting some tips on how to master their own songs to prepare them for a DJ set, free download or even a remix contest.

The tutorial doesn’t cover the science behind audio mastering but it does go in-depth about the basics of mastering music. Check it out and feel free to share your thoughts or tips by leaving a comment below.

Check out Point Blank’s free mastering sample course for more mastering tips.

DIY Mastering Tips: Get Loud, Bright & Balanced Tracks for DJing and Downloads

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