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Top 100 Free VST Plugins

free vst

For the past few weeks I’ve been getting messages from people asking me if I know of any good free VST Instruments and Effects. I don’t use free VST plugins on my production so I had to do some digging and ask a few people.

I managed to make a list of the best free VST plugins and some of them don’t even deserve to be free because they sound really good. I wouldn’t recommend you to download them all, instead choose the ones you know you really need.

If you would like me to add something I might have missed then simply leave a comment below, even if you have your own VST plugin just share it below in the comments section. OK here’s a long list for you guys, enjoy and these should help you get better sounding mixes 🙂

To visit the download page simply click on the name of the free VST below.

100 Best Free VST Plugins

  • Density mkIII – Buss Compressor providing depth and dimension capabilities by Variety Of Sound
  • PPD Echobox – Delay VST effect by Minimal System Instruments
  • MrTramp2 Soulful Wurlitzer(TM) 200A Electric Piano by GSi
  • MrRay73 – Rhodes Mark I emulation by GSi
  • Drumatic 3 – Virtual-analogue drum synthesizer by e-phonic
  • AREX 2011 – VSTi drum module based on a hardware drum machine from the early 80’s by Bayan
  • ReaXcomp – Multi band compressor by Cockos
  • Tune – Free plugin for frequency ear training by earPlugins
  • S3O – free virtual organ instrument plug-in by Krakli
  • Ample Guitar M – Lite is a free virtual guitar instrument by Ample Sound
  • Retro Delay – Flexible allround delay effect in VST format by E-Phonic
  • TAL-DUB-II – vintage style delay effect by Togu Audio Line
  • DCO-6 – Roland Juno-106 VST emulation by KVR Forum member mztk
  • TAL-Tube – Saturation plugin that have the characteristic of tubes and an additional amplifier mode by Togu Audio Line
  • Tube Amp – AU and VST plugin that applies asymmetric tube triode overdrive usually found in single-tube microphone pre-amp boxes by Voxengo
  • Ambience – reverb that rivals the quality of the best commercial reverbs by Magnus of Smartelectronix
  • epicVerb – Tight small room and ambience effect simulation up to large “epic” hall. Great reverb by Variety Of Sound
  • Kjaerhus Audio Classic Series – Great mixing and mastering tools by Kjaerhus
  • SupaPhaser – 3 to 23 stages phaser with feedback and enhanced stereo effect by Bram
  • SPAN – real-time “fast Fourier transform” audio spectrum analyzer plug-in for professional music and audio production applications by Voxengo
  • MultiInspectorFree – 31 band spectral analyzer with multitrack functionality. It incorporates a standard third octave frequency analyzer by VertexDSP
  • TAL-Filter-2 – host synced filter module with different filter types, panorama and volume modulation possibilities by Togu Audio Line
  • LoudMax – Look-Ahead Brickwall Loudness Maximizer Plugin with a clean transparent sound by Thomas Mundt
  • BuzMaxi3 – Brickwall Limiter or Transparent Level Maximizer for mastering, mixing, and recording by buzzroom
  • MAutoPitch – automatic pitch correction plugin designed for vocals and other monophonic instruments by MeldaProduction
  • TAL-NoiseMaker – improved version of TAL-Elek7ro and has a completely new synth engine and a lot of improvements in sound and usability by Togu Audio Line
  • SQ8L – software model (VST) of Ensoniq’s classic 1980s
    synth SQ80 by Siegfried Kullmann
  • bx_solo – Stereo enhancement plugin with M/S function for recording, mixing and mastering by Brainworx
  • R2R – Tape emulation plugin based on Nebula Core II Technology by CDSoundMaster
  • dbVU – Free VU meter in VST plugin format
  • dominion – Transient Shaper VST/AU Plugin by digitalfishphones
  • Mercuriall Cab – Hiwatt Guitar Cabinet Emulation VST/AU Plugin by Vladimir Titov
  • preFIX – Noise Gate VST/AU Plugins by Variety Of Sound
  • Mono/Fury – software synthesizer plug-in for emulating the classic Korg Mono/Poly analog synthesizer of the early 1980s by full bucket music
  • Phutura – virtual synthesizer inspired by 80’s hardware synth Alpha Juno by Phuturetone
  • U-NO-60 – polyphonic virtual analogue synth with a unique filter sound. An original JUNO 60 is used as reference for the oscillators and filters by Togu Audio Line
  • The deputy Mark II – Classic string machine and polyphonic synthesizer VST / AU Plugin by Full Bucket Music
  • Piano One – Free piano VST plugin based on the Yamaha C7 concert grand piano by Sound Magic
  • ThrillseekerLA – Freeware compressor VST plugin using stateful saturation concept by Variety Of Sound
  • OldSkoolVerb – Algorithmic reverberation AU and VST plug-in for professional music production applications. by Voxengo
  • Tyrell N6 – Virtual Synthesizer by U-He
  • Wind Chimes – Wind Chimes Free VSTi Plugin by ToneCarver
  • Charlatan – Virtual Analog Synthesizer Plugin by BlauKraut Engineering
  • Twin Bass – A bass synthesizer with double filter architecture allowing to create rich mid-range bass textures by The Interruptor
  • TX16Wx – Freeware sampler instrument in VSTi plugin by CWI Technology
  • XaKT – Spectral synthesizer by Krakli Software
  • Forbice – A stereo filtering module (Auto-Filter) with tools for audio cutting and mangling. Works on drumloops, voice,  instrument recordings and audio samples. by Acrobatics Software
  • MHorse – Compact mastering multi-effect unit by Terry West
  • Clip Shifter – A free clipper and saturator effect by LVC-Audio
  • AquesTone 2 – Freeware vocal synthesizer VSTi plugin by AQUEST
  • Feedback Compressor II – Mixing and mastering RMS compressor by Tokyo Dawn
  • AAMS (Auto Audio Mastering System) – Fully automatic mastering suite by Denis van der Velde
  • Venom VB-303 – Abrilliant free Roland TB-303 emulation by antto
  • Lisp – Freeware de-esser by Dustin Ralston aka Sleepy-Time DSP
  • SIM3X – Virtual analogue synthesizer by Dominic Goold aka lazydog
  • Alexis D-Four – Drum instrument based on Alesis D4 samples by Chokehold
  • Kx-Polym-CSE – Virtual analogue modular synthesizer by KX77FREE
  • MPT Deep House Synth – (Pay with a share!) virtual synthesizer ensemble for Native Instruments Reaktor by Danny J Lewis
  • Tunefish 4 – Virtual analogue synthesizer by Brain Control
  • OBXD – Virtual instrument which emulates the legendary Oberheim OB-X released by 2DaT
  • SlickHDR – Psychoaccoustic Dynamic Processor by Variety Of Sound
  • Retro Boy – Lightweight freeware chiptune synthesizer by Sound-Base Audio
  • SynthMaster Player Free – Lightweight preset based instrument by KV331 Audio
  • Scratch it! – Virtual vinyl scratch and tape stop effect by Z3 Audiolabs
  • Nabla – Emulation of the Korg Delta analogue string machine by Full Bucket Music
  • N6 Paragraphic Equalizer – Zero latency, high precision equalizer effect by RAZ Audio
  • SlickEQ – Mixing and mastering equalizer in VST/AU plugin format by Variety Of Sound
  • Minimojo – Reaktor ensemble which emulates the legendary Minimoog analogue synthesizer released by ZooTooK
  • VS Upright – Freeware piano virtual instrument by Versilian Studios
  • Dexed – Yamaha DX7 inspired FM synthesizer in VSTi plugin format by Digital Suburban
  • Amplio 2 – Freeware multiband effect toolbox by VST Zone
  • BIGROOMKIXSYNTH – Free big room kick drum synthesizer in VSTi format by Hinton & Fairchild
  • MS Controller – Simple mid side processing utility by Raz Audio
  • Luftikus – Digital adaptation of an analog EQ with fixed half-octave bands and additional high frequency boost by KVR Forum member lkjb
  • Zebralette – Virtual analogue synthesizer by U-he
  • Delay Studio KVR12 – Powerful and massively creative multiband delay plugin by Minimal System Instruments
  • PTEq-1a – Digital emulation of a famous Vintage Program Equalizer by Ignite Amps
  • Synth1 – Free virtual analogue instruments based on Clavia’s Nord Lead 2 hardware by Ichiro Toda
  • UVI Workstation – Multi-timbral instrument by UVI


  1. It seems some of the free downloads require an activation key…

  2. Dominion , es un excelente plugin para dar un ” color ” análogo a las grabaciones digitales ; sobre todo a la música de los ańos 50,60,70 mal digitalizadas por las compañías .

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