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One of the most fun aspects of sharing music with others is to find out which artists other people listen to and what kind of music appeals to them since everyone has their own unique tastes and takes about what makes a song good.

Even if there are some artists that are definitely more popular than others, the amount of music in the world is near infinite, so there is something for everyone out there in the world.

If you are a Spotify user and you’re interested in knowing how your musical taste compares to other people, or you are just curious about your stats and less mathematical things such as your moods then this article will help you use the app for that.

What is Obscurify?

You might be familiar with Spotify Wrapped, which gives you an overall idea of which were your most played songs, artists, and genres during the year, but sometimes you may want to know a bit more and you don’t want to wait until the end of the year to know.

That is definitely an itch that Obscurify scratches, helping users learn more about their music taste and compare it to others by simply looking for the app on the browser and linking it to their Spotify account.

There are some steps you should follow in order for the app to work properly.

How to use Obscurify?


The process is very simple, once you get to https://obscurifymusic.com/login follow these few steps:

  • Once you are on the Obscurify website, you have to log in with your Spotify account.
  • Then the app will analyze your account’s data and rate your score (don’t worry if you think the site might not be safe, it’s completely safe as it won’t do anything without your permission and is as secure as Spotify itself).
  • After this, you’ll also be able to see data such as your top genres, compare yourself with other users, your moods, and your favorite decades of music, so it’s quite fun to use.

What Does Obscurify Show Users?

There are a few interesting bits of information you can get from using the app, the type you are extremely curious about and have no way of knowing since you hit that play button so many times.

Here are all the things you can discover and learn about yourself with this app.

Obscurity Rating


This is the first thing that will show up on the screen and it will tell you how unique is your taste when compared to other users in the country.

Your Top Genres


You will also be able to see the genres you listen to the most, and the cool thing is that it will not only give the top three or top five, but you’ll also be able to know which are the top ten genres you like!

Music Taste Comparison


This is a bit of an extension of the first thing you’ll be able to see once your data is analyzed, you’ll be able to see a graph on how unique your taste is, pretty fun right?

Your Moods

Mn l

Music is all about feeling it, so if you were curious about which mood fits your favourite songs and playlists, then you’ll be able to find out with Obscurify!

Favorite Decades


Every decade has a sound, and with it a whole different type of pop, rock, and everything in between.

This feature will let you know which is your favourite decade and which sings you have been listening to from every decade.


Obscurify is a fun app made to expand on the experience that Spotify brings to users, and while some of its features resemble the well known Spotify Wrapped, you’ll get some new ones, and the best thing about it, is that you can do this at any time of the year!