Samson SR850 vs AKG K240: How Do These Headphones Compare?

Samson SR850 vs AKG K240

Being a home-recording enthusiast isn’t easy. There’s a lot to invest, even if you’re doing it for fun. However, there are some ways to cut costs and still keep things at a desirable quality level. This is especially the case with headphones since we have stuff like Samson SR850 and AKG K240. But which of these is a better choice? Let’s find out.

Here’s what we’ll cover in this Samson SR850 vs AKG K240 comparison:

  1. Comfort
  2. Sound Quality
  3. Build Quality
  4. Stability
  5. Design
  6. Portability
  7. Price & Value For Money
  8. Pros & Cons

Ready? Let’s get started…

Which One Are YOU Leaning Towards?

30-Second Summary: Samson SR850 vs AKG K240

So when it comes down to Samson SR850 vs AKG K240, which one should you choose? Here’s a quick overview:

  • Go for Samson SR850 if you’re into simple and cheap semi-open back headphones with their sound focusing more on high-end frequencies. They’re also flexible, fairly comfortable, and easily adaptable to different users.
  • Go for AKG K240 if you’re ready to pay a bit more in order to get better semi-open back headphones. They’re slightly more bass-heavy, but they manage to reproduce all of the frequency range well. In addition to their ergonomic qualities, this makes them a great choice for the price.

1. Comfort: Samson SR850 vs AKG K240

Comfort: Samson SR850

If we’re talking about comfort, Samson’s SR850 headphones are easily one of the best choices within this price range. They’re easily adaptable to different heads and there’s hardly any chance you’ll have trouble with them.

We have headphones that clamp just tight enough over your ears. But they’re not unbearable even after long sessions. This is not something that you find that often with budget-friendly studio headphones. Comfort is one of their stronger sides.

Comfort: AKG K240

But then we have AKGK240 headphones that are one notch ahead of Samson SR850 comfort-wise. It doesn’t take long to realize their build quality (which we’ll get to as well) and how it impacts their ergonomic qualities.

Their headband design is similar to AKG’s more expensive models. There’s an obvious accent on comfort, both with the headband and ear cup design. Once again, we have headphones that won’t feel uncomfortable even after longer studio sessions.

Comfort: Bottom Line

Ergonomic qualities are of great importance to anyone who’s looking for a home studio headset. While both of these sets are great in this regard, we can’t help but notice that AKG K240 is, objectively, a better choice.

Of course, Samson is far from a bad choice, but you’ll enjoy K240 more if you’re looking for comfort. Both headsets are relatively light as well, so you won’t be facing any comfort-related problems with either of them.

Comfort Winner: AKG K240

2. Sound Quality: Samson SR850 vs AKG K240

Sound Quality: Samson SR850

First off, Samson’s SR850 headphones cover the entire audible spectrum and more. Going from 10 to 30000 Hz, they go beyond what you can hear. Although it seems redundant, this enables a better distribution of frequencies in the audible spectrum. Additionally, you can also “feel” some of the bottom-ends, not just hear it.

Aside from this, the SR850 set goes more into high-ends. Sub-bass territories are kind of “cut off” and the response is mostly flat in bass and mid areas. They still manage to sound pretty great, at least for their price level.

Having a semi-open back gives its own twist to the sound. Additionally, this means that sound will disperse around you as well, so bear that in mind if you want to purchase them.

Sound Quality: AKG K240

Here we have yet another headphones model with a semi-open back design. However, what differs here is that they come with a frequency range of 15 to 25000 Hz. Additionally, they also come with more pronounced bottom-ends.

Overall, AKG K240 covers the audible spectrum pretty well. There’s a mild “dip” from 1 kHz and up to about 7 kHz with some irregular “jumps” around 2.5 and 3 kHz. After the 7 kHz mark, it has a noticeable jump, providing a fair amount of high-ends.

Sound Quality: Bottom Line

Compared to Samson’s SR850, AKG K240 headphones are more “balanced” over the audible spectrum. It’s not like the SR850 is bad, but we’d rather recommend K240 over them.

The only exception to this would be if you’re really looking for high-end-heavy headphones. But objectively, there’s no denying that K240 headphones are better. SR850 still sound pretty good, especially within their price category.

Sound Quality Winner: AKG K240

3. Build Quality: Samson SR850 vs AKG K240

Build Quality: Samson SR850

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One of the things that makes Samson’s SR850 headphones stand out is the build quality. Firstly, the headband is fairly sturdy and well-made, making it possible to even handle some pressure.

They’re equipped with a pair of 50 mm drivers, which are accompanied by well-made acoustic chambers, a dispersion plate, and a velour earcup. Sure, this isn’t exactly a prestigious construction, but they’re fairly well-made for their price.

But if your build quality standards are high, there’s a chance you’ll think they’re kind of flimsy. They’re not super-fragile or anything, but things could be better.

Build Quality: AKG K240

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Once again, we have decent headphones in terms of build quality. You can see that AKG dedicated their time to come up with the best possible design and build solutions for this price category. This goes both for their drivers and structural components.

But at the same time, we’re not sure how long they’d last. This is especially the case with all the mobile mechanical parts on it. It’s not catastrophic, but you can’t expect it to last for too long unless you’re super careful all the time.

Build Quality: Bottom Line

If we were to compare these two, we’d say that they’re pretty close in terms of build quality. They’re decent, they’re worth their price, but things could be better.

Don’t get us wrong, they’re not bad by any means. But if you’re looking for something that will keep you satisfied in the longer run, neither AKG K240 nor Samson SR850 headphones would be the best way to go.

Build Quality Winner: Tie

4. Stability: Samson SR850 vs AKG K240

Stability: Samson SR850

You can expect some decent stability with headphones like Samson SR850. However, although they are pretty comfortable, at least for their price level, the overall stability is not their strongest point.

Don’t get us wrong, this doesn’t mean that they’ll fall off with regular use. However, these aren’t exactly the headphones you’d recommend to someone who’s headbanging all the time. You wouldn’t want them on you if you’re headbanging or just being very dynamic all the time. Consider them if you’re mostly stationary.

Stability: AKG K240

And that’s basically the same thing that we can say about AKG’s K240 headphones. They’re comfortable, they fit nicely, but they don’t clamp too hard over your head.

They’re equipped with a headband that helps make things more comfortable. But on the other hand, that same headband is a bit flimsy in terms of overall stability. Combined with their overall bulkyness, they won’t be very stable.

Stability: Bottom Line

Of course, we’re not here to look into the best headphones for an active lifestyle. It’s not like you’ll be plugging them into your iPhone and go running cross-country. But it’s still always welcome to have studio headphones that can clamp tightly over your head and ears if needed. And even thought they both have detacheable cables, these can still yank the headphones off of your head with sudden movements or pulls.

We don’t know how else to put this, but AKG K240 and Samson SR850 are both equally lacking in this territory. It’s not like they’re catastrophic, but they shouldn’t be the first choice for musicians or producers who tend to be dynamic while they work.

Stability Winner: Tie

Which One Are YOU Leaning Towards?

5. Design: Samson SR850 vs AKG K240

Design: Samson SR850

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Aside from having a semi-open back design, Samson’s SR850 headphones have a nice touch to the visual aspect as well. Sure, it’s nothing too fancy, but it’s not like you’d have to deal with ugly-looking headphones.

The aesthetic aspect is kind of subjective. But we’d recommend these to anyone who needs something decently stylish, low-key, and without any extravagant visual traits.

Design: AKG K240

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But then we have AKG’s K240 headphones that have a different twist. Although still not very extravagant, you can clearly notice that AKG found a way to combine functionality and pretty looks.

Although we can notice an old-school-style headband, the newer versions of these headphones have more noticeable colors. If you want to stand out and care about aesthatics, AKG K240 headphones are not a bad choice.

Design: Bottom Line

While design isn’t something that’s of highest priority, it’s still nice to have great-looking headphones to work with. Additionally, blending in functionality, performance, and aesthetics into one pair of headphones is something both brands and users love.

Now, both of these headphone sets have this nice “blend” we mentioned. However, it’s a no-brainer that AKG K240 headphones look better. Sure, the beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but K240 really has an objective advantage here.

Design Winner:  AKG K240

6. Portability: Samson SR850 vs AKG K240

Portability: Samson SR850

Samson’s SR850 is not designed with portability in mind. But at the same time, they’re fairly light and are somewhat flexible. Additionally, you won’t be able to damage them that easily, even when packed with additional gear in the same bag.

Sure, it’s not like they’re super durable, but they’ll get the job done if you need something to take with you. They come in handy if you’re looking for a “mobile studio” setting or if you’re a musician who’s always on the go.

Portability: AKG K240

To be fair, AKG K240 is far from something you’ll want to get if portability is anywhere on your priority list. They’re not heavy, but they are certainly bulky for a studio headset. Additionally, with their headband, you won’t be able to pack them and take them with you without risking potential damage.

Portability: Bottom Line

Neither of these two headsets are foldable. We’re not talking about stuff that was designed to fit snuggly into a carrying bag. But on the other hand, portability is noticeably better with Samson’s SR850. If that’s one of the most important traits you’re looking for, then these are the better choice between the two.

Portability Winner: Samson SR850

7. Price & Value For Money: Samson SR850 vs AKG K240

Price & Value For Money: Samson SR850

These Samson headphones are a pretty interesting pick. In all honesty, despite some minor drawbacks, they do seem like they belong to a significantly higher price range.

With that in mind, we can confidently say that Samson SR850 are more than worth the price. Honestly, we’re yet to find a pair within this price range that competes with them. They’re comfortable, they have a decent build quality, and they sound pretty great. What more do you need?

Price & Value For Money: AKG K240

AKG K240 is in a higher price category. At the same time, the difference in quality is noticeable. Sure, you’d have to pay more for them. But at the end of the day, it really pays off.

There were some minor issues with their portability and long-term durability. But we’re not sure how many headphone models within this price ragne can compare. If you need something for a home studio, but still want to take it to the next level, K240 is the way to go.

Price & Value For Money: Bottom Line

Now, this category was a pretty tough one to decide on. Looking at their respective price categories, they’re both more than worth it. However, in the end, we couldn’t resist but give advantage to AKG K240.

We’re always led by this philosophy that you should invest more if a particular equipment piece brings more quality to your work. This is exactly what we’re referring to here. You’ll have to give more for K240, but the advantages that you get can mean a lot in the end.

Price & Value For Money Winner: AKG K240

8. Pros & Cons: Samson SR850 vs AKG K240

Samson SR850 Pros & Cons


  • Great deal for the price
  • Decent build quality
  • Great sound quality for this price range
  • Good portability


  • You might experience some stability issues, but it’s nothing big

AKG K240 Pros & Cons


  • Great sound quality
  • Great combination of performance qualities and aesthetics
  • Pretty good deal for the price


  • The might have some minor stability issues

Conclusion & Takeaway

To summarize our findings in this Samson SR850 vs AKG K240 comparison, here are the winners for each category:

  • Comfort – AKG K240
  • Sound Quality – AKG K240
  • Build Quality – Tie
  • Stability – Tie
  • Design – AKG K240
  • Portability – Samson SR850
  • Price & Value For Money – AKG K240

Overall: AKG K240

Which One Are YOU Leaning Towards?

As mentioned, we have two headphone models that belong to different price categories. At the same time, they’re still not that far apart, and they’re both more than worth the cost. But as you know, there’s got to be a winner.

In this duel, AKG K240 takes more points from us. This doesn’t mean that SR850 are bad headphones. In fact, they’re a worthy adversary to K240. But if you need that little extra boost to your home studio performance, K240 will get you there. Their sound quality, comfort, and overall features really show how AKG puts in the effort for their products within every price category.  

Product Links:

Samson SR850

AKG K240

Products Comparison Table:

Spec / Feature

Samson SR850

AKG K240

Frequency Range

10 to 30000 Hz

15 to 25000 Hz





98 dB SPL

104 dB SPL


Semi-open back, over-ear

Semi-open back, over-ear


9.7 oz (276 grams)

8.5 oz (240 grams)