25 Best & Most Influential Rock Bands of The 2000s

White Stripes

The best rock bands of the 2000s is a subjective matter and opinions may vary. However, here’s my list of some of the most influential and popular rock bands of the 2000s include: 1. The White Stripes The White Stripes were considered to be one of the most influential rock bands of the 2000s because …

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Why is Stairway to Heaven Banned in Guitar Stores

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Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin released in 1971 is without a doubt one of the biggest rock songs of all time, some even might say that it is the biggest rock song of all time, but with a title like that also comes popularity which can bring a lot of good things and some few …

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9 Easiest Songs To Sing

Singing can be intimidating, it’s a musical instrument that everyone has. Still, it’s also the most intimate one, because everyone has a different voice. Everyone carries a different experience on how to use it and how to communicate feelings through words and intention. That is why sometimes, standing in front of people to sing a …

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Hardest Songs to Sing

Let’s be honest, anyone can sing, you only need a little confidence and if you really want to be good, then practice and you’ll be surprised at how much you can accomplish with your voice. That said, some songs are easier to sing than others, which applies whether you are a karaoke expert or a …

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14 Rap Songs With Heavy Bass

If you still have doubts about the significance and presence of bass, then we are here to finally show you the truth and that without bass most of the music you hear today would fall apart. The bass represents a link between the rhythm and the melody, it’s what connects the percussive elements with guitars, …

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