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Mixing Music

Music Arrangement

Music Arrangement Tips & Tricks

Putting together a bunch of sounds and arranging them into a song can be challenging for a lot of people. In this tutorial I would like to share some music arrangement tips that will help you get the listeners glued to their stereo. A lot of people have come up with different ways to arrange music, but if you listen …

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Delay Effect

Creative Ways To Use A Delay Effect During Mixing

The delay effect is a really versatile tool and one of the most important tools to have in your Fx chain. Effects such as Chorus, Reverb, Flanger and many other plugins are all made from the Delay effects so there’s a lot of things you can do with it. Delay is pretty simple to understand: a delay plugin records the …

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free vst

Top 100 Free VST Plugins

For the past few weeks I’ve been getting messages from people asking me if I know of any good free VST Instruments and Effects. I don’t use free VST plugins on my production so I had to do some digging and ask a few people. I managed to make a list of the best free VST plugins and some of them …

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Make Your Mixes LOUD

How To Make Your Mixes LOUD

It’s really easy to fall into the trap of thinking your mix is sounding good, not until you try some DIY mastering on it and realize that it cannot be loud like your favorite songs. In this tutorial we’ll be looking at some techniques you can use to make your mixes loud. One other element that is mostly overlooked is …

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Mixing Bass and Kick Drum

The human ear is not really sensitive to sub and bass frequencies as compared to high frequencies. That is why it can be pretty hard to get a well balanced low-end in a mix. In this tutorial I’ll show you a few techniques you can use for mixing bass and kick drum sounds. I’ll be using audio and pictures to …

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Advanced Reverb Effect Techniques

Creative Techniques For Using The Reverb Effect

The Reverb effect is one of the most important tools in music production as well as audio engineering. But the use of this effect can easily be overlooked or misunderstood by many, so for this tutorial I’ll share with you tips on how to use it effectively in your mixes. A well balanced mix with only eq, panning and dynamic …

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