Spotify Lyrics Not Working – Quick Fix

Spotify logo

Spotify is great, we all love to listen to our favorite artists, discover new music, connect with your friends, make your own playlists and even read the lyrics of your favorite songs, however, sometimes you may not be able to enjoy this feature for a number of reasons, whether it’s because of an issue with the …

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Spotify Keeps Pausing – How to Fix it?

pause button

There is a lot to enjoy on Spotify, anywhere from your favorite bands, podcasts and to discovering new things with just one simple tap or click, but even something as simple as “play” can be sabotaged by unforeseen malfunctions. If you are reading this article, chances are you’ve become frustrated with the fact that whatever …

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How to Change Spotify Username

spotify app on smartphone

It may be a tiny thing but a lot of people have found themselves in an uncomfortable situation when one day they log in to their account and see how embarrassing their 5-year-old username is. This happens very often in social media, and while Spotify is not as public as other apps, there is an …

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How to Turn on Shuffle on Spotify

spotify smartphone app

Using shuffle while listening to music on Spotify can be a great way of getting some variety with your playlists or discover new music. You can also use shuffle if you want to listen to your favourite albums but you don’t want to follow the order. However there are some moments when shuffle could ruin …

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