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Music News

T-RackS Custom Shop

T-RackS CS New EQ P50A, EQ P50B & EQ P60G

EQ P50A, EQ P50B & EQ P60G Three classic American equalizers Modeled after some of the most popular American console EQs found in countless major league music productions worldwide, the EQ P50A, EQ P50B and EQ P60G bring huge sounding 2520 op-amp-based circuit design to the digital domain. The proportional Q technology, onboard preamp stage and extreme detail in the …

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Reason 8 Guitar & Bass Amps

Closer Look at Reason 8 New Guitar & Bass Amps

In the video below, properllerhead showcases their new Reason 8 Guitar and Bass amplifiers. Reason 8 will come with a new set of guitar and bass amps made by Softube. Softube has been modelling classic amplifiers for a while now. In this video, we get a closer look and hear what these new amps can do to your guitar as …

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Reason 8 Workflow

New Propellerhead Video Demonstrate Reason 8 Workflow

2 weeks back I posted a video announcing Reason 8 and I was not impressed, even with the new video I’m still not impressed. Propellerhead has just uploaded a new video which demonstrates the new Reason 8 workflow and how it’s going to make the process of producing music a lot easier than before. For me, someone who stopped using …

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FabFilter Pro-Q 2

FabFilter Announced Pro-Q 2

I’m a big fan of the FabFilter Pro-Q equalizer plugin and I’m happy they’ve announced the new Pro-Q 2 which will be coming out 28th August 2014. I’m really excited about the new features and can’t wait to put my hands on this baby. While everyone is happy about Properllerhead Reason 8, FabFilter just introduced their new update. This is a …

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Propellerhead Reason 8

Propellerhead Introducing Reason 8

Propellerhead are proud to present the brand new Reason 8 to help music producers make more and better music than before. Reason 8 is claimed to have a great workflow and it has a new drag and drop feature. It is redesigned, also has new amp models plugins from Softube and their browser/drag integration just makes the workflow a lot better. From …

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Twitter Desperate To Get Into The Music Business

Twitter Wants to Buy The New Youtube of Audio, Soundcloud! Every body wants to be in the music business these days, amazon have joined the party, youtube announcing music pass soon. Now twitter is so desperate to get the piece of the pie. A few months back Twitter wanted to buy Pandora or Spotify. They never had any final agreement …

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